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I spend a lot of time here sharing with you all the wonderful things that go along with living in Mexico. And ’tis true that for about 95% of the time, our lives here are pretty wonderful. But then some days? Well some days Mexico comes along and just kicks us in the ass. Hard. And those are the days you teeter on the edge of insanity, try to keep the tears in check and wonder what on earth are we doing here and why do we stay? Yesterday was one of those days. We were dealing with the bureaucracy…

Christmas Decorations Playa del Carmen

Mexico sure does love Christmas because the decorations are everywhere and have been in stores for months. Okay so I have no idea if these are really Christmas decorations or not but they were right next to a bunch of blue sparkly Snowmen and a gang of Santa Clauses (Claus, Clausi?) so I figured they might be. I posted this pic because I know what the guy with the sword to his head is thinking – “Do whatever you want to me but once five o’clock hits the weekend starts and I’m out of here!” Watch out for swords and…

I Could Get Used to This

We’ve mentioned how rich we are, right? No? That’s probably because we’re not. Like at all. I mean at all. We are not independently wealthy and we haven’t won the lottery. Which means if we want to pay the rent and continue to explore and take some awesome side trips sometimes we have to work hard. And sometimes we have to work hard to get work. So the past couple weeks we’ve had our heads down, computers on and our tans have faded away (well mine has, Jason’s freckles have stopped connecting). At some point between work and a very…

Playa del Carmen fishing boats

Every morning I take a walk down the beach. I pretend that this is for health reasons but it’s really just an excuse to put off starting the day for a little while and, well, to take a walk down the beach. Most days I start at the Calle 38 beach access where there are a lot of hotels and tourists, wander past Coco Beach where the fishing and dive boats anchor and end up at local favorite Punta Esmerelda where a freshwater cenote flows into the sea. Since I tend to walk the same stretch of beach several days…

Mexico Minute - AWOL Americans

The pangas of Playa del Carmen are small open-bowed fishing boats that are widely used throughout the Yucatan and the rest of the Caribbean. Fishermen sometimes brave terrible storms and angry seas in these tiny boats but today the weather is beautiful and the water is crystal clear. We hope this panga is as happy to be parked on the beach in Playa del Carmen as we are. Have a great weekend everybody!

We get a lot of questions from you all, our fabulous readers. The questions range from the practical about living and working outside of the United States to the fun and frivolity of where to go and what to do while vacationing in Playa del Carmen to the personal about our former lives and backgrounds. I love reading and answering as much as I can, and if I don’t know the answer to something I make it my mission to try and find out. And I have realized that if one person has the question someone else might as well.…

Mexico Minute - AWOL Americans

Turns out you don’t need to be in the water, or anywhere near it for that matter, to appreciate the ocean life here in Playa del Carmen. We found these fish out of water one day when we were exploring a park. Not exactly the wildlife we expected. But then again, that’s what so great about where we live, the unexpected is always right around the corner. Hope you find some surprises and delight yourself this weekend.


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