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Mexico Minute - AWOL Americans

After a very long few weeks with nonstop rain, look what we found? The sunshine (and the humidity – but I promise we’re not complaining) is back. Paradise found again! We took a break from work to head to the beach yesterday and were reminded yet again while laying on this gorgeous stretch of sand why we moved here to Playa del Carmen. Here’s hoping your weekend is just as beautiful.

Jason and I both have a touch of seasonal affective disorder (SAD – what an appropriate acronym). When we lived in Kansas City we suffered through long, dark, gray winters that often left us feeling depressed, lethargic and unmotivated. We were thrilled to leave those days behind when we moved to the sunny shores of Playa del Carmen. For several months we enjoyed nothing but sunny days punctuated by quick, cooling rain showers. But then the rainy season hit. And it hit hard. Oh, did we mention it’s been raining here? It was raining before we left for a trip…

Mexico Minute - AWOL Americans

  Have we mentioned that it’s the rainy season? It is never going to stop raining here in Playa del Carmen. Ever. More than a month of rainfall on consecutive days and counting. Thankfully we haven’t had the worst of it, there are parts of Mexico that have been devastated by hurricanes and the ensuing floods so we do still feel lucky and our thoughts go out those who have been affected (we’ve donated to Red Cross and encourage people to do the same – great organization). But seriously, make it stop. We’re going a little stir crazy. Try to…

Having missed Independence Day in the US this year we were pretty excited about celebrating Mexican Independence Day this week. That’s right, THIS week. Not Cinco de Mayo. Cinco de Mayo is largely celebrated in the United States and commemorates a Mexican Victory over the French army in the 1860’s. In most of Mexico (including Playa del Carmen) Cinco de Mayo means just that, the 5th of May and not much else. Mexican Independence Day is a celebration of Mexico winning its, well, independence, from Spain after 11 bloody years of war and is celebrated on September 15th and 16th.…

Mexico Minute - AWOL Americans

This was the first year we weren’t in the United States for the Fourth of July, one of our favorite holidays (fireworks!). While recently back in Kansas City for a visit we got a very small taste of what we missed. Luckily Mexican Independence Day is next week and we understand that it’s quite the celebration. We’re hoping for a lot more fireworks sightings. Have a happy Friday everyone, stay safe (and dry).

Bus From Cancun Airport to Playa del Carmen

As a native Midwesterner I have a deep love of my car and a deep seated mistrust of public transportation, especially public transportation in an area that’s not known for keeping to a set schedule very well. To date almost all of our visitors here have had the luxury of riding in style to and from the Cancun airport to Playa del Carmen with the very reliable Jason and Deidre airport shuttle service. Unfortunately that shuttle service couldn’t help when the both of us left town recently, and we didn’t want to leave our car parked at the airport for…

Salvador Dali Melting Clocks

Just one tiny taste, that’s all it took. I’d been clean for almost six months but one trip back to the United States for a visit and within days I had backslid, fell off the wagon, returned to some bad habits. After making so much progress I took a couple steps backward. It’s not the end of the world, but it’s a good thing I’m now back in Playa del Carmen for some rehab. I’m talking about some real hardcore stuff here – time. Or more specifically my obsession with it. I struggled mightily when we first got to Mexico…

Mexico Minute - AWOL Americans

Saludos from the Ozarks! While visiting family and friends in the US we took some time out to hang out at our second favorite body of water – Table Rock Lake. It’s not quite the Caribbean but it’s not too shabby! Sorry to throw you off by posting the Mexico Minute on Thursday instead of Friday but we’ve got a crazy schedule right now. Next week we should be back on track.


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