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Mexico Minute - AWOL Americans

We’re spending some time in Kansas City catching up with friends and family and exploring a bit. We took a walk the other day and paused to enjoy this view of the mighty Missouri River.  No beaches or sand, but still awfully pretty. I think living in Playa del Carmen has helped us appreciate the beauty of the place we left behind. Hope you take some time this weekend to enjoy your surroundings!

For the first time since we moved away from Kansas City about 6 months ago we are headed back for a visit. In the immortal words of the incomparable Ozzy Osbourne (I promise, at one time in his life this was actually true) “Mama I’m Coming Home.” Or am I? I recently mentioned to someone here in Playa del Carmen that I was going home for a couple of weeks for a visit. They asked, you still call Kansas City your home? Isn’t Playa del Carmen home now? I have no idea why, but that kind of took me aback.…

Mexico Minute - AWOL Americans

I think this is a Mexican Banyan tree, any arborists that want to correct me, feel free, that I came across on a recent walk. These kind of trees are all over the city providing a tremendous amount of welcome shade on sunny days (speaking of, we’d really like one of those days again soon, move along tropical storm) and relief from the rain on the not so sunny days. And it’s obvious these trees have been here way longer than most of the people. I love that the beauty here in Playa del Carmen is not just limited to…

Xcaret Park

I love me a good roller coaster. Water slides are pretty awesome as well. Growing up Mom and Dad took us on great trips to places like Disneyworld, Epcot Center and Universal Studios. There was also a great amusement park and water park back home in Kansas City that many a summer day was spent at. All of those parks are great for the local economy, help draw tourists to their area and are a lot of fun. Here in the Riviera Maya things are no different. As the tourism industry continues to grow here, so do the events and…

Mexico Minute - AWOL Americans

It’s pretty common here in Playa del Carmen to head straight to the beach after work so you often see people swimming in what we used to consider unconventional swim attire like jeans, skirts, and uniforms. I thought we’d seen it all. I was wrong. It’s 90 degrees here right now. You couldn’t pay me enough money to wear a hoodie in or our of the water. Kudos to this guy. Happy Friday everyone. Enjoy your weekend wearing whatever makes you comfortable!

Punta Allen sign

I keep thinking that eventually we’ll stop having holy s@#$ moments on our adventures here in Mexico. I mean, obviously I don’t want them to stop happening, but you eventually become desensitized to where you are living, right? I love Kansas City, it will always be our hometown. But I think we took it for granted a bit when we lived there (I’m thinking it will be a lot more special when we visit).  So I keep waiting for the same thing to happen here in Mexico. But just a couple nights ago I was standing outside staring at an…


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