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Mexican Consulate in Kansas City

Which is the right Mexican visa for us? A lot of expats don’t bother getting an extended stay Mexican visa. If you plan to fly in and out of Mexico at least every six months than it’s probably not necessary. But we are struggling with the logistics of having our car in the country legally. What we ‘think’ we know from our research is when you enter Mexico with a car it receives a tourist visa as well, but it’s tied to a person’s visa. So, for example, if it was tied to my tourist visa if I flew home for a visit and then re-entered Mexico on another…

What is the safest and most convenient drive to Playa del Carmen? Since we have to take all of our worldly possessions with us flying is out of the question. So, a lot of time has been spent researching the best route to drive to Playa del Carmen from Kansas City. A lot. There are quite a few ways we can go and initially we thought we’d take the “prettier” scenic coastal route. After further research and getting some advice from expats who are currently living in Playa we have revised our thinking. Throughout most of Mexico there are modern…


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